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The Vise-Presidents Of The United States Of America
Three guys from Rotterdam (Holland).

The "tragic" story of their band began about 2 years ago. They decided to take up their instruments at an obscure party, when the stage was unoccupied for a few minutes. After pulling some strings from their guitars, they played the world famous Presidents song "Peaches", just for the hell of it. The crowd thrashed the place, the band had a great night, and they decided to play more often. And so THE VICE-PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA were born. Since then they've played almost every Presidents song there is, at all kinds of places. They have played for audiences up to 600 people, but prefer to stay a "just for fun" band.

The Vice-Presidents Of The United States OF America
Caspar v. Leeuwen: Two-string Bassitar & voclas
Maarten Bloem: Three-string Guitbass & vocals
Laurens v/d Laan: no-string Drums & vocals

Their song, "Kitty", was recorded at The Via Ritmo Studio in Rotterdam (Holland) on the 9th and 10th of February, 1998. Lots of thanx to Camille Dings, and all the others at Via Ritmo.

V-PUSA Kisses to: Camille, Floor, Insane Ian, Erik, Grijs, Hans, Piet, Jaques, Ronald, Marlieke, our family members, GOD, Claartke, Taab, Freddy, Goblin, RDK, Silver Circus, Plankton, Bert & Ernie, all our friends, both our fans and of course: Chris, Dave & Jason.