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suihku09.jpg (78615 bytes)Alex Quintana has been into music ever since he can remember. Learning to play the piano at an early age, he began to experiment with electronic music on his Commodore 64 computer. Though not composing tracks of his own until late 1992, he made covers and orchestrations of existing tracks/songs. In 1993 Alex joined the Commodore Amiga MOD music scene as "Rave Demon" with some strange minimal techno-ish tracks.. Due to influences from the euro demo-scene and trying to get into a popular demo group, Alex's style changed from minimal techno beats to pseudo-synth pop, which was a popular style in the demo-scene. In about 1995 he started to regress back to his simplistic electronic music roots, this time focusing his work with heavy influences from the Ambient and "Intelligent" dance music scenes, and came up with the "Game Program" moniker which he now composes all of his music under. In addition to being melody oriented, he is also very beat oriented, and enjoys experimenting in chaotic beats that sound all wrong when separated, but come together when the various elements are overlapped. Game Program met Insane Ian around 1996, both attending Essex Community College at the time. When Insane Ian mentioned to Alex that he'd like to have him cover a PUSA song for Ian's upcoming tribute album, Alex jumped at the chance. They chose "Volcano" for it's simplistic stylings and the ability to be worked well into the "ambient" mold.