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The Dingbats is a small band started in 1995 by two to sixth graders named David Hughes and Eric Snyder in the little town of Beavercreek, Ohio. They would often sing silly songs together. So one day they decided to form a band. Then they realized they needed certain things to start a band. First it was decided Dave could easily just make up simple tunes on a guitar, without any lessons. Then they both wrote original songs and sang them. Then the name of the band was decided over the phone, when they were both watching the Cartoon Network, and a cartoon staring a talking animated bat named Dingbat was on. The band made 4 albums that were semi-popular with their friends and family. Trouble hit when Eric was going to move away to Arizona, but they both knew there was no way to stop the music. So right after Eric moved David took some guitar lessons. The ended up making 2 more re-union type albums when Eric would come back to visit. Now they plan to make three more when David visits Eric in Arizona. They heard about this tribute album online and were very excited and happy to do it. To get info on buying any of the Dingbats albums full of great songs or to just more info on the band contact Eric, at Note: The kind of music the Dingbats play has been decidedly described as Spontaneous-Some times silly Alternative- Rock.