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Shane Speal (prior to a tragic hair-cutting accident)

Shane Speal and The Prosthetic Hipsters

Shane Speal: Lead Cigar Box Guitar
Blind Wino Gumbo: Rhythm Cigar Box Guitar, Vocals
Some Old Guy From Room 78: Rhythm Cigar Box Guitar, Vocals
Nurse Ratchet: Basitar
"Weighted Diaper" Jones: Jews Harp
Dr. Ken Eisaman: Drums
*Guest Appearance by Chicky (courtesy of The Giraffes)

Making their way from "Belly Acres Home For The Bewildered", The Prosthetic Hipsters are taking the lawn by storm. Lead by Shane Speal, the band takes the stage (the back porch), usually with all their instruments. With a shout of "To The Bastille", The Prosthetic Hipsters cut a groove so deep, they leave the hyper-thyroids screaming, the Bocci Ball crowd moshing and, well, let's just say Gladys has never been the same.

The Truth (aw, shucks):
Shane Speal: All Cigar Box Guitars, basitar, Jews Harp, Vocals and Old Man Grumblings
Ken Eisaman: Drums

All Cigar Box Guitars handmade by Shane Speal for Catfish Music Works