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Day 4

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Day 4

9:30 PM - in the airport
LOTS of stuff to cover...

Last Night - 
I went back to Gibson's, mainly because it is the closest bar with live music to my Hotel.  I paid $6.00 cover, and saw 4 bands.   I'll give you mini reviews of each.

Bad Kitty - 
I caught the tail end of their set.  This was a  all-girl (5) band.  Think go go's go grunge.  They were pretty good, though.  Apparently they were supposed to play another club, but were kicked out because they were only 17!!!!   all originals, except a cover of Cat Scratch Fever.

The Spit -
Basically a 3 piece Punk Band, very ramonesy.  They were all dressed in camouflage.  Great quote: "were the Spit, also known as the Soldiers of Rock!"  The guitarist was mr. Drop D Power chord.  I don't think he even had all 6 strings, if he did he never used them all.  

The Vaccines - 
Another Punk band.  These guys were too much.  5 Piece, with a very punk lead singer.  He was fond of spraying and/or spitting beer on the crowd. at one point in their show, a friend/roadie jumps up on the stage, grabs the singer by his wallet chain, yanks him off the stage, onto the dance floor and proceeds to kick him repeatedly.  When the singer got back to the stage, he was mad cuz the guy spilled his beer!

(Didn't catch their name) - 
Things were getting a little blurry at this point, too many beers.  Another punky band, but without all the attitude.  Probably the tightest band of the bunch.

All I can say is I wish I brought the digicam to show you some of this stuff.

OK now for my Saturday...
I cruised around the downtown shopping area, looking for something for the kids.  I saw the Showbox, and Pike Place market.  silver.jpg (35400 bytes)There was this performance artist that was really cool, "The Silver guy" he looked like a statue, but would move occaisionally.  Anyhow he was really cool.



Then I moved on to the Seattle center, toneedleamp.jpg (27922 bytes) scope out the grounds, and make sure I had my act together as to where the SUbSET show would be.  The Seattle Center is the site of the 1962 World's Fair.   There's all kinds of things there.  I thought the needle looked cool from the amphitheater.  Are you sick of the space needle yet?  I promise no more space needle shots.

So, after I had covered the area, and oriented myself, I made a quick trip to Dick's Drive-In, another Seattle Staple.  I had the Obligatory Deluxe Burger, with fries.  I would have gone for that "Fist-Sized Ice Cream Cone", but wasn't up for it.  I did Cop a T-shirt.

Then I went back to the Mural Amphitheater, and hung out, waiting for the show.  

The show warrants a page of its own...


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