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Day 0
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Day 0 - Preparations, and a sign from above.

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day 0 8/24/99, packing up my things in Maryland, preparing for my journey.  I had to spend a bunch of time putting together the loaner laptop.  I also had to try to keep things at a bare minimum so that I could carry on all my luggage (more about this later).

Signs from above????  When I was in the checkout line at Best Buy, I heard a familiar voice over the sound system!  None other than Sir-Mix-a-Lot professing his love for Butts!  I took this as a good sign, we'll see...

Here's a List of the CDs that I brought along.  Don't know if you care, but here it is, if you do!




PUSA II ditto
PUSA Pure Frosting Mainly for the videos on the laptop
PUSA Video Killed the Radio Star
(Concert CD)
I haven't listened to this in a while, and I love the live stuff
The Giraffes Thirteen Other Dimensions For calm times
Caspar Caspar
I've been writing similar music to this, so I'm looking for sonic ideas
Morphine Cure for Pain In Memoriam
Seal s/t
(The first S/T)
for even calmer times
Sting ...Nothing like the sun For REALLY Calm times
The Beatles Rubber Soul A Staple
Bob Marley and The Wailers Babylon By Bus Gotta have some Reggae
Santana Supernatural I always get a new CD for a trip.  After seeing the concert on VH1, this looked like a good one to try.

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