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Day 2 - Thursday

8:00 AM
needle.jpg (19442 bytes) I tried to take some pictures of my view of the Space Needle from my hotel room last night, but they didn't turn out too well.  (It looked like a UFO!)  I took this shot as the sun was coming up this morning.  You can just make out the mountains in the background.  The weather report is very favorable through Saturday, so the SUbSET show looks like a go!  I've got to work today, so there won't be too many updates.

9:00 PM
Work went well, although it was a long day.  Iranier.jpg (3780 bytes) had to go to three different offices.  One was in Bellevue!  I took this pic of Mt. Rainier on the way to Bellevue.  It isn't the greatest picture, but considering the fact that the last person from my company that came here never even saw it, I'm doing real good.  The shuttle driver from the airport told me the Rainier Brewery is shut down!!!  Bummer, I was thinking about taking a tour.  

Ate a great dinner down the street from the crocodile, picked up a copy of "The Rocket", and read it while I ate.  Caught the sunset down by the waterfront.  Wondered what it might have been like seeing PUSA cruise around on that barge, filming the LUMP video.  When I got back to my room, the sunset.jpg (23192 bytes)sunset was doing great things.  More scenery pics!!! I also managed to get a picture of the needle in the dark, and put that one on the Day 1 page.

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