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Day 1 - Traveling to Seattle

I hate the time just prior to leaving for a trip.  No matter how short or long, business or pleasure, whatever, it sucks.

I did manage to get most of my ducks in a row, I think the Laptop is adequately loaded to keep things going, I miraculously managed to shoehorn all my stuff into 2 small bags, and I'm ready to go.

7:00 PM (my time)
The Supershuttle was late, I got to the airport at 5:00 for a 5:36 departure!  Luckily, the rain that delayed the shuttle, also delayed my departure somewhat.  We left the gate at 6:00, and I'm on my way.  I'm composing this on the flight, listening to crappy United Airlines tunes, trying to conserve power on the Laptop.  I have a stop in Chicago, then off to SEATTLE!

9:00 PM (my time)
Chicago was uneventful, sucked down some beer in one of those crowded airport bars, then jumped back on the plane.  Idle airport chit chat can be funny, "Where 'ya from?  Where 'ya goin?  Your flight was delayed too?"  I did have an inspirational moment while we were descending into Chicago, scribbled down some words.  If it develops into a song, I'll let you hear it.

The in-flight movie didn't seem worth the $5.00 they were asking for the headphones.  I'll see if I can pirate it with my own headphones.  I'm really hungry, It is 9:30 (my time), I need something more than beer!

12:00 midnight (my time) 
9:00 PM (Seattle time, all further entries will be Seattle time, until I begin my return)
This flight is turning out to be quite the scam!  Not only did I cop the movie for free, but, because the beer I had on the flight between Baltimore and Chicago wasn't as cold as I would like, I asked the flight attendant for a cup of ice with my beer.  Well, that seems to be the magic password into United Airlines Free Beer Club.  So far, I've gotten 2 free beers, and a free movie!  Total savings = $11.00!   Oh yeah, I did manage to eat too.  Life is good.  Except the airline music still sucks.

10:30 PM (Seattle time)
needledark.jpg (12454 bytes) Just checked into the hotel.  I'm in the Westin, it is a beautiful hotel in a beautiful city.  I pulled open the drapes, and what do I see staring me in the face?  The F@#$%ing Space Needle!! very cool, I'll try to get some  pictures tomorrow.

1:00 AM Mr. Sore Thumb goes to the Croc.
I wandered down the street, looking for entertainment.  Heard some noise coming from a place called Gibson's, but upon closer inspection, it was just one guy on the stage.  I wasn't sure what he was doing, singing, poetry, or what, but he sounded like he was doing a Jim Morrison impersonation.  I wandered down the street some more, and found the famed Crocodile Cafe.  Went in, no cover, cool!  No Band, not cool.  The DJ wasn't impressing me.  The Croc is surprisingly small, but really cool.


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