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Day 3

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Day 3 - Last of the Work Days

8:00 PM
Man, Jet Lag caught up with me last night!  I crashed at about 9:30 or so, and more or less slept through.  Sorry I don't have any great stories, I intended to go back to Gibson's and see a few bands.  Oh Well...

Today was another work day, but betweengasworks.jpg (30670 bytes) stops, after lunch I visited Gas Works Park.  This park was apparently featured in the movie Singles.  It is a pretty bizarre park, with the remains of an old plant that used to convert crude oil factory.jpg (44386 bytes)to gas, and was the source of power for the entire area for years.  This park also has a coolsundial.jpg (41674 bytes) sundial on the top of this steep hill.  Basically you stand in the middle, and your shadow tells you the time.

After finishing up work, I dined at the fine establishment known as The Asteroid Cafe.  asteroid.jpg (50579 bytes)Co-owned by none other than Jason Finn.  It is REALLY small, 28 seats in the whole place.  outside.jpg (56405 bytes)The decor inside is funky, silver and blue and purple, kinda like the outside.  The food was outstanding!  I'd recommend it to anyone, but especially if you like gourmet Italian food.

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