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Chris Ballew is quite the artistic doodler, Below are some examples of his work.

setlist.gif (31121 bytes)

a set list, complete with doodles for many of the songs

guitbass.jpg (29484 bytes)

This is found in the PUSA self-titled cd

baby.gif (12915 bytes)

this baby can be found gracing the front of the PUSA rarities import, on a t-shirt.

art1.jpg (7856 bytes)

Video killed the radio star?
(not sure if this was done by chris)

underpants.jpg (3356 bytes)

a self portrait!

caspar1.jpg (8550 bytes)

caspar cover art

faneye.jpg (11186 bytes)

from the cover of the casette sent to the PUSA fan club.

caspartattcrop.jpg (14026 bytes)

Can you Believe a Tattoo of a Chris Ballew Doodle?  Whoever the tattoo artist was, he did a damn fine job!  (in case you're wondering, this tattoo/doodle graces the bicep of Chris.Ballew.net's own Mike Lyon.

 doodle5.gif (648190 bytes)

a vip pass doodle!

doodle1.gif (25568 bytes)

From a letter sent to a fan

doodle2.gif (119123 bytes)

fan club doodle

doodle3.gif (375519 bytes)

From the 'chicken wire' (fan club newsletter) There's a few song titles in there that never surfaced on any releases.  Hmmmm....

doodle6.gif (72120 bytes)

A tshirt doodle

doodle7.gif (68091 bytes)

another tshirt doodle, Gee I've seen those bugs somewhere else...

This space was formerly occupied by a tshirt doodle, thought to be done by Chris, but was actually done by Dave Dederer's wife, Darcy.  Thanks to Dave for pointing out our error.

pusadoodle.jpg (92407 bytes)

This is the king of all doodles!  Complete with autographs!  


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