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Chris is very gracious and willing to autograph items, some shown below:

auto-cover.jpg (28421 bytes)

Adam tyner's Autographed tycoons cd

autograph.jpg (42545 bytes)

chris sent this for his 2 youngest fans

autopic.jpg (17813 bytes)

All 3 prezzies autographed this copy of ii

tycoons.gif (38392 bytes)

This one is an autograph and a doodle!

pressign1.gif (78158 bytes)

This is pretty cool, presidents signed a 'Dead President'

subset.jpg (32177 bytes)

This was signed by Chris and Dave at SUbSET's Pain in the Grass show 8/28/99

andreas.jpg (24327 bytes)

So what if there's already two other autographs of this EP.  This is one Chris signed and sent to a fan in Denmark!!!


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send us a scan!



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