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A Night at the Improv, Chris Ballew Style

If you've ever seen Chris perform live or heard a recording of a live performance, you'd know that he's quite capable of "thinking on his feet" when it comes to performing.  Sometimes it is just to cover up a mistake, but often he's interjecting a piece of a completely different song into the song he's playing.  We'll be adding a lot to this page, so keep coming back!

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Chris' "Led Zeppelin Accident"

Froggie/Whole Lotta love/Stairway intro


This is from a PUSA performance in Fukuoka, Japan in 1997.  The boys must have been listening to some Led Zeppelin prior to this GIG.
Bootlegs of that Japan tour are pretty well circulated.
not commercially available



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Peaches/Something like a Phenomenon/Mamma Said Knock You Out/I'm too Sexy...

***Parental Advisory***

Dave uses the "F" word

The "phenomenon" occurred during the show in Osaka, Japan when Dave's amp Blows up at the end of "Mach 5".  What follows is about 7 minutes of Chris and Jason ad-libbing with a little help from Dave on vocals, until his back-up amp shows, then he joins in!  Finally they get to "peaches" not commercially available  



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"Funky Boll Weevil"

Boll Weevil/Play that Funky Music/Boll Weevil

***Parental Advisory***

Dave uses the "F" word, again!


PUSA often jokes about "Boll Weevil" being their disco song.  At this concert in Stockholm, 1996 Chris takes Dave and Jason into a little ride Through "Play That Funky Music".  I Guess he took Dave by surprise, judging from his comment. not commercially available  



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