Texas Bowser Blaster


With Spring upon us, many of us will be bathing our doodles. Well Leah and I have been lurking over in Groomerland, and I've certainly learned a lot. One of the best things I learned was how to purchase, assemble, and use the "Texas Bowser Blaster" (TBB).

What you need:
Some hose.
A way to attach your hose to either your sink or your shower.
A few quick connect/release hose adapters, one with a stop end.
A normal spray nozzle.
An ortho dial and spray.
Your favorite shampoo and conditioner.
(a tub, or outside...)

You may already have some of the above. I bought the Ortho for $10 and I needed a new hose, so I think my total expenses were around $35 at Home Depot. You don't have to use the ortho, there are other brands that will work. The important part is that the concentration needs to be adjustable. The stop end quick connect allows you to change from the TBB to the garden spray nozzle for rinsing WITHOUT turning off the water.

After you hook everything up, put a few ounces to 1/4 cup of shampoo into the TBB, and fill the remainder with water. Set the dial on the lowest setting, and turn it on, and regulate the temp. Adjust the concentration until you get just a little bit of bubbles. Get your doodle into the tub, and start. NO PRE-WETTING the dog!!! Start spraying at the bottom of the feet, and work your way up. Pretend you are "painting" the dog. It is important that you spray every square inch, because the spraying is what does the cleaning. You can "line spray" the body. The cool part is, the spray goes right down to the skin, and really cleans out the coat. You need to let the soap have time to actually work, so make sure the dog stays soapy for at least 5-10 minutes. Be sure to flip the little nozzle on the TBB upside down to get the belly, neck, and insides of legs. It takes a little while to get the angles right so that you aren't splashing yourself.

Pop off the TBB, and pop on the nozzle, and rinse. If you're using conditioner, mix that up in a similar way. Depending on what you're using, you can leave in the conditioner.

Benefits of the TBB:
Uses less water, no pre-wetting, and easy rinsing because low concentration of shampoo.
Uses less shampoo.
No scrubbing. Scrubbing can cause matts.
Cleans dog down to the roots, really penetrates the coat.
Can actually blast out some old dead undercoat and matts.

Happy bathing!!!