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As I'm sure you've heard, the band The Presidents Of The United States Of America have broken up. Well, we, the fans, would like to show the guys how much we've appreciated their music over the years. That's what this is for. "Goodbye Ladies And Gentlemen: The Presidents Of The United States Of America Tribute Album" is to get fans of PUSA together in song and let the guys know just how we feel, be it by covering an original PUSA song, or performing a song in tribute to the band. If you would like to contribute in anyway, please e-mail me, Insane Ian, at ALfan17@aol.com. We will accept ANY cover of a PUSA song as long as it is an ORIGINAL PUSA song, and not a song PUSA has covered, such as "Kick Out The Jams", "We Are Not Going To Make It", "Video Killed The Radio Star" and so on...however, I *MAY* change this, so don't let that stop you from recording one! Listed below is a brief preliminary track listing for the album. These song may or may not make the final cut, and this list may change completely, but here's how it goes so far: