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The man who wrote the songs reviews them...

Well I finally listened to the album and some of it blew me away....the renditions of Ladies and Gentlemen are downright scary in the best acid trip way....Kitty is great and Japan sounds amazing with the female vocals.....Naked and Famous industrial style isn't really my style but cool...Twig I have heard this hilarious version before and it cracks me up....PRESIDENTS I WILL MISS YOU IS THE BEST SONG ON THE WHOLE ALBUM AND I NEED TO CONTACT GREEN CHEESE AND TALK TO THEM NOW>>>>> Back porch comes in second for great sound and amazing atmosphere-I wish we had done it that messed up...peaches is peaches....volcano is confusing...So there is ok....tiki God live is great!!! never sounded so raw and punked out....Lump is kickin!! Sunshine is good I always wanted that to rok harder but unfortunately there are some frustrating chord mistakes in this one....wake up is a groover...and back to the acid trip closer...

Over all the sound quality may be a bit of a barrier for some people but the fact that you got this together and it isn't some slick production dreamed up by a major label but from the fans themselves....Makes me proud!

thanks and let me know how I can talk to Green Cheese!