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These are some fine examples of Basitars/Guitbasses from around the world...

IJs-2-MoMo-in-concert-Winston-17-11-2001.jpg (109794 bytes)
IJsbrand of MOMO...  Basitar (a bit more like Mark Sandman's 2 string...)


Sandergear.jpg (78905 bytes)
This is Sander's Guitbass (Sander is also from MOMO)


Shane-Xray.JPG (31250 bytes)
Shane Speal on the amazing "Xray Spex" 2-String...

These shots are from Dave, from the 'Prime Ministers of the United Lumps of Great Britain'

Lets Rock! Me  Bassistar...jpg (43266 bytes)Bassitar from above.jpg (30493 bytes)2 Beautiful Strings.jpg (27500 bytes)


This little collage is a nice variation, a 4 string (Drop D, of course) Jamitar

jamitar.jpg (82817 bytes)

This is Adam's guitbass, he sez"

"...i make music under the name "the disco king" i study music technology at weston super mare college here in england..."

guitbass 001.jpg (97275 bytes)guitbass 002.jpg (106976 bytes)guitbass 003.jpg (103533 bytes)