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YES, totally free MP3 download!!!!

For a limited time, Musicblitz (the wonderful people who somehow got PUSA to record a new CD) is allowing us to give you this FREE MP3.

Presidents Proclaim Political Platform And Offer Free Rock `N' Roll Download To Encourage Voter Awareness

"Party Politics" takes on a whole new meaning in this Election Year as Presidents Of The USA Chris Ballew, Dave Dederer, and Jason Finn join forces with running mate Duff McKagan (ex-Guns N' Roses) to present a free digital download of "I'm Mad," a Stooges-influenced political rocker from the new album "Freaked Out And Small."

pusa_duff_flag.jpg (1045930 bytes)PUSA and Chris.Ballew.net encourage ALL US RESIDENTS over 18 to REGISTER, AND VOTE!!!!!!!  it's time to stop getting mad and start getting even -- even after the election!  Channel your anger at the puffed-up powermongers and paranoid politicians who preside over this country, Think I'm Mad! when you go vote.

REVIEW - "I'm Mad" is the latest single from the Presidents of the United States of America's MUSICBLITZ album, Freaked Out and Small -- it's also probably the catchiest song about anger that's ever been recorded! Clocking in at two minutes and fifteen seconds of raw, unbridled fury, the Presidents sweeten the tune with the power pop hooks they're known for. Guest-bassist Duff McKagan (of Guns N' Roses fame) adds some muscle to the track with his trademark thumping, but the Presidents give as good as they get, with shredding guitar leading the mix. Lyrically, the song is even better, with couplets like "How can you say 'just do it' / We completely and totally blew it" and "You can say I'm perplexed / We're overworked and we're undersexed" spicing up the tune. The track grinds to a sudden halt with a searing instrumental break, complete with angry curses being shouted in the background, emphasizing that, well, they're mad! Despite all the vitriol, though, you'll find the song quickly sticks in your head, and the only thing about it that will really make you mad is if you can't listen to it again and again! So avoid making yourself angry and download "I'm Mad" today -- or better yet, pick up the full album! (Click the album to order it from CDNOW)

Julio Diaz

Julio Diaz is the Editor-In-Chief for Ink 19, the largest music magazine in the Southeast US, and the third largest regional magazine in the country. He is the former Webmaster of The Florida Ska Web Page! and the former Vice President of A&R and Marketing for Citrus Records. His work has also been published in Focus magazine and translated into French for Dig It! magazine.

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