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The FroggyStyle Challenge


Here's how it works, to move to the next level (and get the next song) you must be able to answer two questions.  Put The answer to the first question in the "Username" box, and the answer to the second question in the "Password" box.  If you are using Netscape, you will probably first get an error message when you hit the froggie to move to the next level.  Just click "OK", then enter your answers.  All text should be in lower case!!  Other formatting issues are usually dealt with in the question.  


To Get the first song you need to know the following:

Username: According to Chris and Dave, there were three different "releases" of Froggystyle, Yellow, then Orange, then Green.  What color is Mike Lyon's copy of Froggystyle? (if you get this wrong, you must be colorblind)

Password: How much was his winning bid (no dollar signs, just numbers and decimals (ie "123.45" no quotes)?

REady to answer?
Click the froggie below:


if you left off in the middle, you can hop back in here, but you may have to hop back one step if you forgot the questions, so take some froggie notes!!!

Boll WeevilLittle Indian PrincessTremolo Blooz

BodyLunatic to LovePuffy Little Shoes

Candy CigaretteNaked and FamousMan

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0.  Q, testing
OK, so I made up all the questions, somebody had to be first!!
October 17, 2000
01:38 PM

1.  Ben Gurner
Froggie jumped all over the stage today!
October 17, 2000
02:48 PM

2.  Buddy Muggles
i'm awesome
October 17, 2000
10:00 PM

3.  Kyto PhatPhuck McMillan
So you beat me here.. you ever finish the Caspar Challenge?... jackass
October 17, 2000
10:45 PM

4.  Donald Kennedy
Uh ya.  I did it.  Got all the songs.  But why you gotta make it so hard?
October 18, 2000
12:33 AM

Q  (just commenting)
You appreciate things more when you have to work for them...
October 18, 2000
12:50 AM

5.  Dan Russell
It sure took some time with my despicable connection, but it was worth it!
October 18, 2000
08:10 AM

6.  Tommy A (Thomas Langedijk)
October 18, 2000
08:17 AM

7.  Esther Schmitz
Yeah!   I rok!!
October 18, 2000
01:53 PM

8.  Ben Moss
Argh, me little buggy brain hurts!
October 18, 2000
04:27 PM

Tommy A (yes AGAIN!)
could you PLEASE put a scan of the sleeve online (300 dpi)
October 18, 2000
05:36 PM

9.  killifish
I made it.....these songs are friggin' great!
October 18, 2000
07:49 PM

Donald Kennedy(replying to Q)
I most definetely do appreciate these songs.  Thank you!!
October 18, 2000
08:26 PM

10.  Carl Kloster
That was great.  ROK IT!
October 19, 2000
04:47 PM

11.  Dennis Henriksson
Tjoho! :) /Dennis - who's still expecting to see PUSA in Sweden soon... ;-)
October 19, 2000
06:41 PM

12.  Chris Maguire
Only the truly hardcore can complete this without the use of the CDs. ˇROK!
October 19, 2000
09:02 PM

13.  Elphredo
rock over london rock on chicago
October 20, 2000
08:32 AM

14.  Gol
Yeah! YEAH!!!! I DID IT!!!!! YEAH YAHOO!!!!!!! I RULE!
October 21, 2000
01:30 AM

15.  Mike Lyon
Late, but with style: completed in just under 7 minutes, no refs ^_^
October 24, 2000
12:09 AM

16.  Ian Wilson
October 24, 2000
03:13 AM

17.  Cool Hand Duke
Woo hoo! I made it. Thanks for posting them, Q!
October 26, 2000
12:53 PM

18.  Tarik Yousef
Augie the (1970 VW) Bus says "hi"
October 26, 2000
11:50 PM

19.  Jon Buzaitis
Does anyone have a mp3 of Tiny Explosions from Kilbourn? buzaitis@yahoo.com
October 27, 2000
03:51 AM

20.  David "Dingbattie" Hughes
I am the champions!!!! PUSA Rules. Go Dallas Cowboys
October 27, 2000
11:58 PM

21.  the e-duck
finally got around to this... and these tunes are amazing!
October 29, 2000
10:33 AM

22.  BjohnMcWiggles
Nice work and fun-frustrating way to distribute... Huzzah!
November 01, 2000
09:03 PM

23.  sexthecow
I like sandwiches.
November 07, 2000
10:33 PM

24.  Royce Wisenbaker III
Word up son, hard core action is now mine.   Buzaitis is king!
November 08, 2000
02:13 AM

25.  Jim
I'm cool. K?
November 08, 2000
02:11 PM

26.  ajdelbus
Froggystyle rocks!  Keep the music coming, guys!
November 17, 2000
04:52 PM

27.  Zeke
Sorry! I cheat..
November 20, 2000
01:08 AM

28. NRoyS
November 23, 2000
01:34 PM

29. W.S.R.©
oh my god!
December 25, 2000
11:43 PM

30. Andrew Wachong
I shook the man's hand tonight.  If I was 8, I'd never wash my hand!  =)
January 20, 2001
04:12 AM

31. Ola Ekstrand
Wow, never thought I'd make it! It was fun! Am i the first swede to make it
February 14, 2001
05:26 AM

32. Shiitemslm
Whoo!!  Doh!! no wait Whoo!!!!!
February 19, 2001
03:14 AM

33. Grec
fuck all'ya'all, ya'all dont know me!
February 21, 2001
07:10 PM

34. Mark Wolstencroft
Whew! I finally finished it, after countless attempts and sleepless nights
February 22, 2001
10:02 AM

35. Smiling Chest Mikkel
Man, is this a huge compliment to my ego or what?
March 01, 2001
05:38 AM

36. Grotty Scotty
My brother helped me
March 02, 2001
08:41 AM

37. Jonathan Sanders
taking 328 hours of my life to do this all seems like it was worth it
March 23, 2001
12:08 AM

38. timmy
I wasted 2 hours of my life listening to PUSA and answering dumb ?s...SWEET
April 13, 2001
11:38 PM

39. tdbct
suck it!!! i am the master of all of you fucking bastard pieces of shit!!!!
April 16, 2001
12:57 PM

40. me
i did it again you bastards
April 16, 2001
01:01 PM

Awesome!  Been looking for FroggyStyle for a while!
April 29, 2001
03:41 PM

Chris Stinson
Thanx 2 all other little Froggie's that kept me hopping the right path ROK!
May 04, 2001
06:50 AM

Oh yes I rule!!! I rule, who's your daddy? Im the man....
May 08, 2001
03:59 PM

Aw yeah.  Give me one of those cherry life savers.
May 22, 2001
02:39 PM

Breezak (Chris Brzak)
Hey guys this was fun; annoying at some points, but really fun. later
June 24, 2001
08:50 PM

What did the nice froggie say to the nice condom salesperson?
July 10, 2001
01:05 PM

Tim Millard
Being a devout PUSA fan since 1995 sure does pay off! :)
July 25, 2001
12:24 AM

Wow! It took me one whole work day to do it! I love these songs, thanks.
August 07, 2001
01:48 PM

August 17, 2001
04:53 PM

it was easy
September 13, 2001
05:06 PM

yeah buddy
i rule
September 28, 2001
03:12 PM

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