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As usual, we think we've come up with something easy, and BAM!, another contest dilemma on our hands!  First there was the 'too few entries' problem, then the FTP server sucked, then when all the entries were FINALLY in, we had a real hard time judging.  We tried to get Chris in on the judging, but he bowed out, cuz he couldn't download the 2 songs or the video.  He liked the "Kill the Cake" drawing, so that one gets the Chris' pick award.  Although there were multiple entries by a few people, we had a tendency to group things together, so they are displayed that way here.  BTW, the entry numbers were assigned based on when the entries arrived.  eVEN WITH THREE GUYS VOTING, THE SCORES CAME OUT LIKE THIS:  

hONORABLE MENTION 2 : 5 POINTS (The trio of color PUSA drawings)


Thanks to all who entered, and Congratulations to the winners!

Grand Prize!


A piece of original art from Chris Ballew himself! 

(Note: if you look real close, you'll notice where our illustrious webmaster Mike managed to rip this fine piece of art when opening the envelope!!!!  AARGH!  Not to worry, as Chris made this on his computer.  He will send another directly to the winner.  PLEASE OPEN IT CAREFULLY!!!) 

chrisart.jpg (214451 bytes)

Besides this, he gets a cdr copy (made by Chris himself) of a very rare Caspar tape,  "Lint Cake" (which includes more Ballew art, in the form of the cover!)

lintcake.jpg (31676 bytes)

as well as a signed copy of Chris' new album, The Giraffes -  "The Days Are Filled With Years" whoooo Hoooo!

Entry Number Four:

Giraffe Sculpture

Image10a.jpg (215504 bytes)  Image11a.jpg (213012 bytes)   Image13a.jpg (201756 bytes)

Runner Up!

Receives A signed copy of TDAFWY! Who says we don't love you TWICE as much as your mamma?


Entry Number Fourteen:

An Original song!

The Eric and Travis Projekt's "Never Said My Name" (MP3, 3.7MB)

Honorable Mention (1 of 2)

These were too good to lump with the rest.
 we're gonna come up with something to give these 2 guys.

Entries Number one, two and twelve:

Entry Number one:

The cool Swirly PUSA Panorama.

You may need to download a new version of Quicktime for this one, but open this thing up then use your mouse and start exploring...

swirlythumb.jpg (18173 bytes)

Entry Number Two:

A chris ballew montage.

newchris.jpg (35845 bytes)

Entry Number Twelve:

A (partial) Jupiter Video!

jupvidthumb.jpg (105367 bytes) (avi, 4.9MB)

Honorable Mention (2 of 2)

These were too good to lump with the rest.
 we're gonna come up with something to give these 2 guys.

Entries Number Nine, Ten and eleven:

Entry Number Nine:

Naked and Famous

nakedandfamous.jpg (77638 bytes)

Entry Number Ten:

Chickey on the Drums

chickey.jpg (123061 bytes)

Entry Number Eleven:

Boll Weevil

bollweevil.jpg (58879 bytes)

Entry Number Three:

"Tv Eye"

Tv_Eye.jpg (72392 bytes)

Entries Number Five, six and seven

Entry Number Five:

Giraffe Band shot

(this is a big download)

Girrafe.jpg (449057 bytes)

Entry Number six: 

Kill the Cake


Chris' Pick!Killcake.jpg (32198 bytes)

Entry Number seven:

Ballew, Guitbass, Giraffe

BallewG.jpg (23658 bytes)

Entry Number Eight:

Pure Rok

purerok.jpg (29638 bytes)

Entry Number Thirteen:

Another original song!

Poodle Mouth's "Cat and a Lamb and a Fireman" (MP3, 758KB)


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