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The Even More awesome Chris.Ballew.net Art Contest!

...This contest was supposed to be in honor of Chris' Birthday, but, as usual, we are a little slow on things...      So...    Here it is!!!!

Grand Prize:

A piece of original art from Chris Ballew himself!
Besides this, you get a cdr copy (made by Chris himself) of a very rare Caspar tape,  "Lint Cake" as well as a signed copy of Chris' new album, The Giraffes -  "The Days Are Filled With Years" whoooo Hoooo!

Runner Up:

A signed copy of TDAFWY! Who says we don't love you TWICE as much as your mamma?

If we get enough entries, we'll add more prizes, and even a second runner up!


  1. Send something creative to us (art, collage, song, poetry, sculpture, mosaic, diorama, video, whatever...). It must somehow relate to Chris Ballew (PUSA, Subset, Chris & Tad, Giraffes..., whatever). If you think your tie-in is a stretch, please explain it for us. (Uh it is like a painting of a sunset, and those clouds are uh, headphones, you know....) 
  2. All entries must be received by 5/31/2000 by Chris.Ballew.net Electronic media can be sent to jaq@his.com, mike@fourteenseconds.com, or yoda1128@aol.com or uploaded to <we'll insert ftp location here when we get it set up>. Anything requiring snail mail should be directed to: 

    John Quarantillo
    1500 Research Blvd TB322
    Rockville, MD 20850
    IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!  We will send an email confirming receipt of each entry.  If you do not get a confirmation, email us.

    We'll try to accommodate everything, but would prefer:
  3. video cassettes be NTSC
    electronic images be .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .avi, .mov, or .mpg
    songs/poetic readings (anything that is sound media) can be submitted electronically in realaudio or MP3 (via ftp, floppy disk, CDr, CD/RW, cassette tape (2 or 4 track), or Zip disk)
  4. Webmasters of chris.ballew.net (Tom, Mike L., and Q) are ineligible. 
  5. Entries remain the property of Chris.Ballew.net. 
  6. Our judges (the previously mentioned webmasters) will determine the winner based upon whatever they damn well please!  The winners will be announced by June 15th, 2000.
  7. We reserve the right to make minor changes to the rules if something gets really screwed up!

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