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  "FroggyStyle" Sells on eBay for $152.50!!   04/08/2000

Most avid PUSA fans regularly scan eBay for cool, rare stuff, but this week, the coolest and rarest of PUSA items surfaced.  It was the original PUSA demo tape, "FroggyStyle".  This 10 song demo was recorded in 1994 and given away/sold about the Seattle area.  It is rumored that only 500 copies were made.  

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Here's the tracklist:

kitty at my foot
boll weevil
little indian princess
tremelo blues
lunatic to love
puffy little shoes
candy cigarette
naked and famous

Well, this little gem shot from the $3.00 asking price to $152.50 in 10 days!  WOW!  The proud high bidder is none other than Chris.Ballew.net's Mike Lyon.  Expect to hear sound samples from this nugget soon.

Here's the Mike Lyon Review:

In the grand old Mike Lyon tradition, here is my review of this truly astounding little gem-

Kitty at My Foot - Other than the title, the same as the version on the Columbia release, NOT the Popllama version ("fuck" is not beeped out). I think Dave's vocal track was eventually redone for the Columbia release, however. But if you own the self titled album, you've heard this. (Don't worry, it gets better ^_^)

Boll Weevil - The version from the Popllama release; the only way you can tell is the lower fidelity. Though some might be disappointed that Froggystyle starts with 2 songs that are not significantly different from the versions they already know and love, I think it's interesting that these songs were already recorded before the Popllama release! These two songs are the genesis of the core of the Presidents' songlist!

Little Indian Princess - HERE we go. Holy shit. The LIP riff is much more rubbery, and Dave growls "Ha!" under the opening riff. Much more raw than the version on "II". There's a tiny guitar solo after the first chorus. Altered lyrics in the second verse: "Took her off the reservation, Took her off the farm. Selling e-coli burgers etc..." Probably changed to "vegetation" and "by the arm" in the interest of political correctness. "By the arm" is used to replace "farm" in the 3rd verse. Chris' voice is higher and more powerful than on the "II" version. Much screaming and "woo-hooing" during the outro!

Tremolo Blues - Astounding. It's so hard to believe that such complete and yet different versions of these songs existed literally years before their official releases! A growly, whispery Chris leads into a THOROUGHLY creepy "yooooou" that is more of a moaning sound, with *hordes* of reverb put in for good measure. Then it really starts jumping! Lots of hand-clapping in the back. Same creepy reverb for Chicky on "chooooose", and Froggy on "doooooo". The boys harmonize (and anti-harmonize) at the end and that's that!

Body - Starts the same as the version we know from the self-titled, but What is this? Dave is singing with Chris! For the most part, though, this is exactly the version that ended up on first album. It changes the feel of the song significantly, though, to hear Dave singing as well!

Lunatic to Love - Now here we have a *radically* different version than the version on II! It is very sparse and loose, and Chris sings the pre-chorus through reverb in a very languid voice. This version also includes the infamous original chorus, "Let me wipe the shit off your butt, KURT COBAIN!", which was changed for obvious reasons after Kurt ate a gun. Chris' singing is much more staccato, and the playing is very mellow. Certain minor lyrics are changed all over the place. At the end, when they sing "Lunatic to love" over and over, it raises into a great din and comes crashing down! Excellent!

Puffy Little Shoes - The guitars sound the same, but here you can really tell that Chris was just plain *younger* when they recorded this album. Dave sings with Chris every once in a while, and the high-low contrast is very pleasant. The structure of this song is all different from the version on II, and there is even a guitar solo that is fairly extensive as part of a breakdown that happens about halfway through the song! This is a really great version of this song, in my opinion. Ends with Chris vocal freestyling in a nasal voice.

Candy Cigarette - If you thought this song couldn't get any more raw than the version we know, you were wrong! Scratchy, hardrocking, this is great! Chris swears like the proverbial motherfucker: "steel" becomes "shit", as well as the destined-to-become-classic line "Fuck and fart, I'm a fuckin' lover". "Pass the fire and light me sweetie" is replaced by repeating "hand on her head and one on my weenie" from the first verse. Great fun!

Naked and Famous - *Half* the version we know and love (well, if you have the Popllama self-titled), half new, all sans Kim Thayil. Dave does NOT sing backup as he does on the Columbia release, but you can tell that Chris is using the same vocal track. But at the part where they start rocking hard, the guitars change from the album version, and when Chris and Dave start singing, you can tell it's a different take on the recording, plus there's no Kim Thayil solo! It's really heavy with that big, crunchy hook that we all dig! And the OUTRO! It lasts forever! If you ever saw the Presidents live, they would always play N&F before Lump, and stretch out the ending on and on and flow the two together; if you ever saw that, you know what this outro is like! Chris howls and grumbles, and talks in a squeaky little voice, saying "what time is it?", while Dave mumbles "Chewy, is that you?". But crazily enough, the very ending is the same as the album version! They must have spliced out all the craziness and tacked on the ending after they re-recorded the bridge with Kim Thayil! Hot shit!

Man - Way, WAY, *WAY* different from the version we know! A whole different riff comes in to support the one we know, a riff that is actually really great! I'm sorry it was lost to the sands of time. The chorus is the same. This version has a vastly different structure from the one we know. It starts out the same as the copy we're all familiar with, but after 2 verses, the breakdown is really, really different! It's really cool! It meanders on and eventually flows into the bridge we know! Then, it kind of starts over, and that different riff is reintroduced! I can't really explain it, but then from there it flows into the "big rigs" part. This version also includes the same lyrics used at early PUSA shows, ie: "You're going to have to fucking KILL me!" The boys howl at the end without any rhyme or reason, and BAM, the curtain comes down.

A truly phenomenal Presidents rarity! Completely different versions of many of our favorite PUSA songs, and they are studio recorded, to boot! The tape itself is a clear white plastic with a black bar inside by the tape reels; each side has a sticker covering the majority of the tape that has the PUSA name on it and the side number; the front side also has Dave's phone number and the copyright. The cover to the tape is (surprise!) yellow, just like all Chris' old side projects, and has the band's name down the whole front. In the middle, the name is broken by a bar that looks like a piece of money. Inside, Chris has drawn a little frowning froggy, and beneath him is inscribed "Froggystyle". The sideleaf says "The Presidents of the USA". The back overleaf lists the songs down the left and right sides. In the middle are listed the names of the members (Chris, Dave, and Jason in that order), followed by Dave's phone number, followed by the copyright. As for Dave's phone number, don't get excited, he hasn't lived at that house for half a decade. As for who lives there now, I get no answer when I call.


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