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Chris Ballew chats online (09/19/2000): 

(special thanks to Dan English for organizing and moderating the chat) 

Dan: First off, thank you for coming in to the chat!
It is my pleasure. I am so excited about The Giraffes and I cant wait to let people know about all the sounds I have lined up in my head for the next 5 years!
Dan: When will The Next Giraffes album be released, and what can we expect from it?
Chris: Well I am trying to figure out when it should come out but I will be selling it at shows in a month or so. The mastering process is almost finished. The band has a Hammond organ for bass and leads and a Clavinet and an acoustic guitar through an OLD amp and a busted down drum kit with two snare drums and lots of percussion. The songs are POP all the way and damn fun to play live!
Dan: What's the deal with subset? Did u ever record a CD?
Chris: We have a CD two thirds done but there has been no communication between us for a while.... I hope that we can get the record done soon cause it is quite rockin!
Dan: What was it like to work with Beck on Caspar and Mollusk, do he and Beck still keep in touch, and will they ever work together again?"
Chris: It was amazing. That guy is a genius. I was recording the song "Twig in the Wind" when he walked in and grabbed a mic and we went crazy for 5 minutes...the song is about him and his wrestling with new found notoriety and when he walked in and started to sing on it while I was tracking it at his house I just went with it! I would love to play keyboards with him again.
Dan: Are the Giraffes going to do a REAL tour? ^_^
Chris: YES! I cant wait...We will most likely focus on the west coast and do the most extensive playing out here but I will try to get to the rest of the country if the album is popular enough to warrant it. I also want to get to Australia and Japan again someday. I feel really good about this band and I already have new ideas about how to improve our sound on the next record. I want to tour with this band so it will get better!
Dan: How do you like producing other artists such as Jason Trachtenburg?
Chris: It is fun but ALOT of work to do well. I am not even saying I have done it well yet but I am definitely not looking to do any more of that right now because I want to put all my energy into being a better songwriter right now
Dan: Last night on Yahoo, you talked about a PUSA world tour...that is just the Musicblitz webcast I take it, correct?
Chris: Yes...We will be doing a mock "WORLD TOUR" on October 1st (I think). It will be a performance but just for 40 contest winners in a recording studio in Seattle and that will be it.
Dan: ok this one is from Kyto
Dan: ok, ask Chris if he has even been to lpr, and if so what did you think of the graphics and whole scheme of the site (akak 500 meg of rare and live pusa mp3's)
Chris: I don't think I have.... is it "lpr" ? Tell me more
Dan: it has many mp3s..live and from Bootlegs and Rare mp3s, you want the web address?
Chris: sure!
Dan: <http://toobamp.tripod.com>
Dan: What is the current situation with the tycoons? are they broken up, or just not doing anything?
Chris: Oh that is totally over but all the songs that I did with that band are on the next giraffes album. That band was fun but not ultimately the sound that I was looking for this batch of songs.
Dan: ask him if he ever received his turtle bass back that got stolen
Chris: NO!!!! Man I cant tell you how often I think about that guitar...I wrote a song about it called "poor turtle" that may show up on a future giraffes album.....(sniff) Some poor thief opened up that case and found the poor turtle and probably tossed the little 2-stringed thing in a ditch....
Dan: PUSA cussed on every album, giraffes have not yet cussed on first 2 albums, on (the bumbershoot) live webcast, I could have sworn I heard "bullshit" in "Good Morning Tycoon" Am I crazy?
Chris: No you are not crazy.... the word bullshit does make an appearance....I like to look for alternative words when I can but sometimes there is no substitute!
Chris: bullshit stew is the phrase
Dan: I know you got asked this about a billion times on yahoo, but I will reword it different...."The Songs "Jennifer's Jacket" and "Useless Crushes" that where rehearsed on the Tape, can we expect them on a future Giraffes CD?
Chris: sure!! I like those songs but they were not right for the PUSA record....Jennifer's Jacket was a totally forgotten song that I wrote in Brooklyn about a roommate I had who had jacket that was barely a jacket it was so torn up....I like that one alot and I hope that it fits with the giraffes....
Dan: When you go to NYC for Letterman show, are you going to make any other stops..TRL or Howard Stern?
Well the word is that I had the WRONG idea bout letterman! We are NOT doing any NY promotion as of now.... I either misunderstood or was misled into thinking that we were doing the Letterman show.... sorry!
Chris: I will get out there with the Giraffes eventually and I may be redoing some of the old hits live and selling odds and ends
Dan: Since the show on Oct 1 is most likely the last PUSA show ever, they should play all of the albums from start to end, like 311 did earlier this year, and say goodbye to PUSA in killer fashion
Chris: well that sounds like great idea...we will see.... I don't remember all those songs...I have written so many more since then that those have been shoved oout of my memory!
Dan: time for one more q?
Chris: sure then I want to make a little final statement
Dan: what will the giraffe albums of the future sound like?
Chris: Well I have some ideas.... I would like to try a band that is all keyboards.... one Hammond organ and Clavinet player one electric piano and synth player and one casio through a wah wah pedal player and drums....maybe two drummers! The album we just made is quite pop with the occasional groove and I want to expand on my experience in Subset and get the groove back in to the pop thing.
Dan: time for final statement now......
Chris: I just want to say that I am super grateful for all of the fans out there of what I do and let them know that hearing from them through the internet has kept my spirits up when I needed a boost and inspired and pushed me to keep rocking in the free world.
I am looking forward to a long run as The Giraffes and I hope some PUSA fans will come along for the ride.... I am your humble employee and I will continue to provide the rok for you as long as I can! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Chris: are we all set then? I would like to go more but I have a date with my wife!

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