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  Possible PUSA Tune?
  (not quite)

Have you checked out the new sketch comedy show on Seattle KIRO7 T.V.?  It's called "The John Report with Bob" anyhow music credit is given to Chris Ballew. I believe he does the opening tune but I KNOW the sound of the closing credit song is by Chris if not PUSA. I think the name is "Suck or Shine". Have you heard of this song? I'd like to know because I'm looking for it (single/import/maxi/CD/whatever). Zip me a note if you know or not. 

Thanks, Mike  

First of all, thanks Mike, this is cool news.  "Suck or Shine" is a song that Chris performs in one of his many projects, "The Chris and Tad Show."  Just recently we learned that their upcoming CD is to be released on Orange Recordings, where you can also find Chris' recent solo release, "The Giraffes - The Days Are Filled With Years", and the upcoming CD from a Dave Dederer project (The Uptights).

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