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Our hero, Mr. Ballew is now a music critic!!  This is a review Chris did for Rockboss.


Chris Ballew reviews Vertical Man by Ringo Starr
. Chris Ballew was the primary creative force behind the Presidents of the United States of America. Since the Presidents called it a day, Chris has released a swell CD by a unit called The Giraffes and put together a new band called The Tycoons, which will release a Christmas CD on collective fruit within the next few weeks, which we will have FOR SALE here at RockBoss International!!
. Wow!!!! Ringo Starr has been officially confirmed as my favorite Beatle with one listen to his new album Vertical Man. He is the easygoing ambassador of collaboration, has the gravely everyman voice of a guy who might have just walked off the street with a song in his head and stumbled into a recording studio full of friends.

This new album has some solid songwriting and manages to keep from being as over produced as his other albums. The vocals are right up front, which some may cringe at, but I think it works here because of the charm in his voice.

Even though there is actually a lot of instrumentation going on that you can sink you ear-teeth into there is a balance struck with the simple songwriting that keeps the album feeling uncluttered. Tom Petty and Alanis Morisette lend help as friends on a cover of "Drift Away", but my favorite track is the laid back "poor Ringo in love" sound of "World Without You". AND it features Paul McCartney on bass and singing distinct Beatle harmonies.

Over all this album is happy...rich....solid and lush. The end is an honest to goodness tear jerker that Ringo sings all bare naked with just an acoustic guitar and the string arrangement of George Martin to back him up.

This album is good.....buy it.
(Hope you enjoyed my first review for RockBoss.com!)


Chris Ballew



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