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April 2001 - A Digital Odyessy

An Update, Paraphrased by Mike Lyon From an email sent to him from Chris:


Firstly and most importantly, Chris is shelving The Giraffes live act. He said it's too hard to maintain two live acts and Chris and Tad is taking up the brunt of his time. 
And speaking of Chris and Tad, they'll be going into the studio again in a few weeks to "start recording and writing (in that order)". So hopefully we'll have a new album in our laps come late summer or early fall! 
Chris has been reworking his personal studio to enter the whole digital age and whatnot, and as soon as the new equipment is in place he plans to put the finishing touches on Zero Friction (Giraffes 3). I must admit that I personally am glad that the album will have minimal outside involvement, showcasing Chris' multi-instrumental fabulousness! 
The next Giraffes album, as reported about umpteen-billion times since last October, will be all instrumental, turning the clock back a decade to Chris' first instrumental album, Lint Cake! When I talked to Chris about Giraffes 4 some time ago, he said he'd love to do numbers with nothing but tons of different kinds of pianos and synthesizers. Ryuichi Sakamoto, anyone? 
And the big surprise news is that Chris is doing some of the music for the new Scooby Doo live-action movie starring husband-and-wife duo Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar! 
Last but not least, Chris and Tad will be playing a couple songs on early morning Seattle TV on April 25th during the 8am hour, KCPQ Channel 13! If you live in Seattle, TAPE IT FOR US! They'll be doing bumpers into commercials as well as a couple full solo tunes...  
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