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The awesome Chris.Ballew.net 5K giveaway

In celebration of Chris.Ballew.net reaching 5,000 hits we have put together a little prize for the lucky browser.  If YOU are the lucky one, you will receive postage paid, free an autographed copy of The Giraffes -  "The Days Are Filled With Years", Chris Ballew's latest solo effort.

5kCD.jpg (38718 bytes)

Rules:  (please read carefully)

  1. anyone (with a browser) is eligible to win, except Chris.Ballew.net webmasters (Tom, Q, & Mike lyon are out!!! damn).
  2. to win, you must email a screenshot showing the hit counter at 5000 to webmaster Q, here.  Be sure to include your address, so we can send you your CD.
  3. If 7 days have passed since the counter hit 5000, and we have not received the winning screenshot, the closest screenshot to 5000 (that is over 5000) wins.  (4999 will get you nothing!)


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